Terms of Service

  1. Definitions and general provisions
    1. Flog.us is a service that allows running a photoblog, it means online journal with photos. Users have the right to publish their own work, comment on and evaluate the work of other users.
    2. This Regulation applies to the site accessible under the domain flog.us, hereinafter referred to as the Service. Rules are available at the www.flog.us/regulamin/. The Administrator reserves the right to make amendments to the Regulations after its publication at the above address
    3. Owner and administrator of the Service is EBROS Mariusz Rosa, ul. Olimpijska 27, 05-220 Zielonka, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.
    4. Condition of your use of the Service is acceptance of the Terms of Service by user, providing the necessary details in the registration process and a statement that these figures are true. Gathering the data is necessary to complete the registration process. The user is the person who set up the account on the Service.
    5. You have the right to have one account on the Website. Persons against whom there were allegations of having more accounts administrator can block them.
    6. Given by the User data is processed by the Administrator for the needs of the Service. These data are not transferred to other entities. User has the right to access, edit and delete data provided.
    7. Acceptance of Rules states that you agree to receive the newsletter, advertising material and commercial information on the email address provided during the registration process or account information edition.
    8. User agrees to take over all legal obligations and costs of court proceedings in the event of third person claims against the Administrator arising out of acts performed by you on the Site
    9. During use of the Service on the User's computer are saved cookies necessary for proper performance of services by the Administrator.
  2. Terms of Use
    1. User have the right to use the account in any way, but consistent with the principles of Service, Polish law, morality and social norms.
    2. User have the right to publish his photos on the Site that are his authorship and shall not affect the provisions of Polish law, social norms, religious feelings, and third persons personal goods, as well as the rights of other users. The user declares by publishing work that he has full copyright to the photos.
    3. User have the right to comment on the work of other users. Comments can not violate the rights of the Polish law, social norms, religious feelings, to express racist and violating third persons and other users personal goods. It is prohibited to publish vulgar comments aimed at insulting other users and provocative content.
    4. It is forbidden to publish photos which users are not authors of these and screenshots of computers, as well as photos of monitors, TVs.
    5. The user may at any time abandon the use of the Account. The administrator can delete the account, which was stopped of use by Members.
    6. User may contact the Administrator using the form provided on the contact page (http://www.flog.us/kontakt/).
    7. Use of the Service does not require you to incur any fees
    8. User can buy (voluntary) PRO account, which provides additional features on the Website. List of additional options can be found at: http://www.flog.us/ustawienia/aktywacja/
    9. If the user abandons the use of the Service or the account will be locked because of a violation of the Rules, is not entitled to a refund for the unused period of the PRO account
  3. Administration Service
    1. Administrator has the right to remove any content posted by User on the Site without giving any reason and to inform the User. The decision of the Administrator is not entitled to appeal to User. Whether the content of the photos, opinion or assessment violates the above prohibitions is decided by rating of Administrator of the Service.
    2. Administrator can disable the User Account in the event of User's violation of the principles of Service, Polish law, social norms, third persons personal goods, and religious feelings. The administrator can disable the User Account for any reason.
    3. Administration reserves the right to limit available forms and methods of expression, if such a restriction considers necessary for the good and safety of the service, good and rights of its Users.
    4. Flog.us service is moderated. This means that moderators can decide on the removal of User's work from the Service
    5. The moderators of Service are Users recognized by the Administrator as a persons worthy of trust.
    6. Administrator is not responsible for:
      1. content posted by users on the Service's website,
      2. proper operation of our features,
      3. consequences of improper use of the Service by its users,
      4. loss of content posted by User and the consequent possible damage,
      5. damages resulting from possession of access data to the User Account by third persons.
    7. Administrator reserves the right to::
      1. turnin off service without notifications,
      2. changes in the available functionalities, as well as their removal
      3. deactivating the service, with prior notification to Users on the Service.