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Help topics

Affiliate Program - Earn money by recommending flog

How it works?

Affiliate program is to reap the benefits in exchange for referring Floga.
Recommendations are possible by:
  • sending e-mails, GG messages to friends
  • placing links and banners on their websites, blogs, forums

What are the benefits?

If someone signs up for Flog thanks to you, our system will record it.
Since that time, 15% of the payments made by the person to Flog will be getting to you.
The effects of the command are persistent, ie, once the person handing forever working on your account.
Earned money can be paid (after crossing the threshold of 100 PLN) or
replaced with a premium account (by conversion 1 month premium for 1 PLN).

How to join?

To participate in the affiliate program simply