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Help topics

What to write and what not to post comments?

Writing comments has 2 objectives:
1. express an opinion on viewing photos,
2. causing the author-commented entry visit our flog.

Sometimes, however, a comment can have exactly the opposite effect and cause the person whose comment on not only no visit our blog, but also adds immediately to blacklist.

What to avoid when writing comments:

1. Do not write: "I invite you to my flog."
If written by us comment will be interesting, the person who read it may visit our photoblog. Formula "invite me" could only scare.

2. Do not write all the same.
Running on blogs and automatically copying all text, "beautiful" make you get the opinion of a worthless spammer.

3. Do not write comments 3 containing only a "+ + + + + + + + + + + + +".
Leaving such comments only proves that we did not look at the picture, did not write anything about what it represents.

4. Do not be aggressive, not to ridicule, not to attack.
Aggression breeds aggression, so the only thing we can expect from such comments, it is retaliation.

How, then, to write comments?

1. Try to approach each photo individually.
2. Write comments relating to what is a photograph, a technique or sensations it produces on the viewer.
3. Criticism (if we want it to post) should not be written maliciously and aggressive, but balanced tone intended to draw attention to certain aspects of the author. Its aim should not be mocking or attacking him.