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Help topics

How to increase the popularity of a photoblog?

What to do to make more people visit your photoblogs, photos, and give pluses? Below is a list of tips to help you increase the popularity of your flog.

1. First of all - get involved
Active floggers become quickly recognizable on the site and in a short time gain many friends.

2. Do not post all the photos in one day
Much better is to add one entry per day, or even one entry for a few days, than 100 shots a day. Regular activity is more important than adding multiple photos at once. Visitors is much easier to comment on each entry if they appear in some interval of time.

3. Comments on photos of other
Almost everyone who publishes on their work want to explore the opinions of others. When someone leave you an opinion (eg, writing that he like the photo, or advising what to change to next images were even better) cause that the recipient will be happy to visit and comment on your photos.

4. Evaluate other images - Admit pluses
If any picture you like and you want to stand out, you can express this by using a plus. The authors of the award-winning photos also will be happy to come to your photoblog and evaluate your work.

5. Use the "Favorite Blogs"
Add flogs of others to favorite, try also to make others add you to favorite photoblogs. Then the other floggers friends can more easily get to your blog.

6. Let them get to know others on the forum
Discuss with other floggers, share experiences and insights. If you're active other members will notice You thus increase the number of visits on Your flog.

7. Show your photos on Fotoforum
Publish your work in existing thematic sections and assume new topics.

8. Premium account
Premium photoblogs are also promoted on the home page and search engine of flog. This allows even more floggers to find out about your photoblog.

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