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How to post an image in a forum?

To post a photo from your photoblog on photographic forum:

1. log in to the service and select from te menu "my photoblog"

2.Select the menu button "privacy", and the option "disable copying my photos" select appropriately permission of copying and click the button "save all"

3. go to the page with the photo, which you want to post on the forum, click with the right mouse button and click "Copy image URL"

4. paste the copied address in the body of your post

5. Now you can select no permission to copy photos. Go to the "privacy", then the option "disable copying my photos" select accordingly no permission to copy and click the button "save all":

1. On the forum you can add just such a picture, which was published on the blog on or on another website
2. it is important not to delete the shortcut. .jpg - it needs to be find the end of the generated link.