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Help topics

How to send photos via MMS to your photoblog?

Flog allows you to publish images on your photoblog directly from the mobile phone. This feature can be useful in all situations where we want to show something to a friend, and do not have access to a computer.
We're on vacation and we went on a hiking trip. Beating the miles we can do dozens of mobile photos and immediately show it to your friends on your flog.

  • Set up your phone to send MMS

    Each phone and each GSM operator configuration is done a bit differently. Below are links to individual operators. Most often you will find there an automatic configurators, so that is enough to give your model and phone number to receive a SMS with a ready-made settings. In case of problems it is best to seek assistance of operator or write to us.

    Orange | Era | Plus | Play | Heyah | Samo Swoi

  • Activation of MMS feature on flog

    When you log in to your account, choose the option "MMS" from the left menu (1).
    Then send a text message to the number71068
    about the content TC.MMS.xxxx (where instead of XXX, enter the number of your screen visible)(2)
    After a while you will get a code that you enter on the form (3) and confirm.

  • Sending MMS

    Once activated (it may take 1-2 minutes), we can send MMS to our photoblog.
    We do this by sending an MMS from your phone to the address: a moment of sent MMS appears on flog.