1. We value freedom of speech, but with dignity. Do not ridicule and insult other users.

2. We do not use curse words.

3. We are writing in Polish. Prohibition of any form of 'pokemon' writing (loffya/ HelLoO/ 513|V|4 ).

4. The Forum is not trash. If your post does not bring anything new to the discussion and You will write only for example " Yeah! ", " I agree with the above ", do not enter it. Give reasons for your opinion.

5. We do not write post after post (double-posting), we use the 'edit'.

6. Stay on topic of the forum, avoid ALL CAPS in the title and content, give your speech appropriate title.

7. Forum is not a place to advertise other sites. All content of a spam is prohibited and will be removed immediately.

8. Paste of text which is not of your authorship (reference from outside of forum) only with giving the author and without interfering in the content.

9. Forum moderation, when appropriate, have the right to revise, change or delete any forum post.

10. Violations of the law will be reported to the competent services. Members will be bearing the responsibility, together with their posts removed from the forum.

11. We put the new threads in the appropriate sections.

12. We avoid top-posting (write your answer below the quoted fragment, and not over).


In cases where this Regulation does not mention, the principle of common sense obeys.

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